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Experience Design & Customer Experience


  • As part of their service transformation, the client wanted to better understand customer experience (CX), in particular the various touch points with its customers.

  • Client requested for a CX journey improvement through the insights of customer buying behaviour, across its current retail-digital-contact centre channels.

  • Supplemented by their data, the client aimed to unlock sales opportunities by understanding customer needs, providing targeted offers and recommendations.


  • Proposed an ‘outside-in’ (CX approach) vs ‘inside-out’ (Analytics approach) methodology.

  • Helmed the CX team, planned the research activities to gather insights through interviews, visits and workshops over a three-month period.

  • Validated each insight against the findings of the Analytics team to determine if the Client was delivering its CX as expected, areas that were lacking and potential areas it could innovate.


  • Visited 30 stores, technical hub and contact centre; listened to 60 customer calls; interviewed 41 staff across the business.

  • Conducted 5 customer journey mapping workshops, and crafted 5 Customer Journey Maps tied to 9 personas and identified scenarios across the business.

  • Collated research and insights, and assisted the client to identify areas it was performing well, areas that required improvement and potential areas to innovate.

  • Transitioned successfully to Phase 2 Prototyping.

Transforming the Customer Experience: List
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Transforming the Customer Experience: Services
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